It’s been years mannequins are used as a part of a retail display by the shop owners to display their merchandise in a proper manner.  With the help of mannequins, they not only display their products but also can grab the attention of the customers towards their product.

The types of mannequins you will find online are :

Full body

Full body mannequins are there which are considered very impressive and also are great attention grabbers. Not only this but it also adds excellent character and aesthetics to a retail store.

Sectional mannequin

Sectional mannequin like torsos, hands, head, feet, etc are not as impressive as compared to the full body mannequin but are cheaper on space and money.

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Realistic mannequin are basically designed to emulate the appearance of the real person. The realistic mannequin have realistic looking skin color and also the realistic facial and body features.


Some retail owners consider realistic mannequin a perfect display unit for displaying their products while some prefer abstract mannequins. The headless ot egghead mannequins not comes under the category of realistic as they are classified as abstract. The full body mannequin having complete facial features and also entirely pure white or chrome is considered abstract.


The plastic mannequins are pretty realistic. The plastic mannequins are meant in the way which allows the head and the arms to rotate 360°. The base of the mannequin is made of glass.

Thus, these are some of the types of mannequin available online from where you can choose the one which you think will look good at your store. You can also check this useful reference to know more about the mannequins.