The commission of medical marijuana have recently established rules for transporting medical marijuana products, but the state government and administrator also must approve them before going into effect.  This rule would allow certified third-party companies to transport medical marijuana products throughout the state of Michigan.

There is a certain procedure for this where each marijuana grower or business would be required to pay a certain amount for the application fee and have a performance bond. The companies would pay an annual fee to renew their license.

There should be more than one employee to be in the vehicle for marijuana secure transport, and the vehicle must be unmarked and have an alarm system. Private security firms are stepping up to support police forces in securing the cannabis value chain.

The companies must transport the products during regular business hours of the dispensary to which they are being conveyed, and they cannot hold the products for more than 24 hours. Dispensaries that develop their own product lines can transport medical marijuana products to other dispensaries involved in selling the products.

Before getting the product ready to transport make sure it is lab tested for potency and considered safe for consumption before they can be sold. The store plans to handle the transportation of its products. As medical marijuana is not prescribed, but patients must meet specific requirements to obtain it.

As per the state government rules, if a patient meets a condition, a healthcare provider can prescribe medical marijuana. Patients can only purchase marijuana from a state dispensary, not a pharmacy. Despite marijuana is legal in more than dozens of US states, every marijuana legalized state is required to obey these standards. You can also click this link to acquire the rest of the information concerning marijuana legalization, regulation, and security standards.