The most common dispute car dealership owners face with customers is repair dispute. If you want to retain your customer and want word of mouth marketing of your auto dealership then you have to deal with the repair disputes in a sensible way and try to avoid the dispute as much as you can.

Are you tired of the repair related disputes with the customers? If yes, today we will look at the most effective ways to eliminate repair disputes. One of the popular and effective measures most of the car dealerships take is the use of the auto repair text messaging software for communications.

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This is because if the communication of your car dealership is taken care of, the majority of disputes will not occur. In case some disputes occur, you can easily sort out with the help of salient features of the texting software.  

How does an auto repair communication software work?

Auto repair texting software allows you to make impression on each interaction with the customer. Auto repair text messaging has the following features:

Reduce phone traffic

The customer can contact the dealership via chat. It reduces the phone tag and unattended voicemails. More importantly, customers love texting and it is convenient as well.

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Easy permissions

If you are not able to explain the problem of the car to the customer on phone, you can easily send the photos and videos of the car over chat. It helps customers to know what actually you are doing and helps customers to give permissions.

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Set alerts

You can also setup repair reminders to remind the customers of the next repair. This enhances the customer service experience and creates a good impression of the dealership.    

Auto dealership texting software indeed improves the dealership communication with the customer and reduces the repair disputes to a great extent. You can also browse this website to know more about the auto dealership texting software.