Today, nothing seems to be impossible; people are testing their own limits.

Sky’s the limit, this is what people these days bear in mind and this thought  made people to invent 2D and later 3D technology.

3D or 3 dimensional images and videos are being used to promote business and services, teaching pattern has been changed.

To attract and divert attention of kids towards education and various extracurricular activities, 3D holographic display and shows are conducted.

But…What was the thought process behind running a hologram campaign?

The notion behind running the campaign was to generate a real buzz around the brand and our new concept store.

The 3D hologram technology was actually just one piece in an else global communication strategy, which had two main objectives – create mindfulness and motivate people to go to the store.

This global strategy also comprised meeting with bloggers, advertising on fashion blogs and with social media insiders, posting a hologram video on YouTube, and a PR strategy aiming consumers and women’s magazines.

How does the hologram work?

It’s an advanced form of photography that allows an image to be recorded in three dimensions – it’s in fact a recording of an interference pattern made by the interaction of two beams of light.

Holograms work by generating an image self-possessed of two superimposed two-dimensional or 3-dimensional pictures of the same object seen from diverse reference points.

Holography necessitates the use of light of a solitary exact wavelength, so lasers have to be castoff.

Essentially, while watching any object, the human eyes each obtain a distinct image but from somewhat offset reference points. The brain syndicates them into a three-dimensional image, the hologram just produces the effect exaggeratedly (artificially).

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