According to the recent studies, the factor of high-quality content is again targeted as a critical SEO component.  

From a strict SEO point of view, content was always considered as a necessary factor but took a back seat when some the technical factors of the SEO services were introduced. The content was very easy in the days of targeting keyword density and strategic keyword.

In those days, content quality depended on how you managed to use the unnatural long keywords in the natural possible ways and hoping that no one noticed about any kind of promotion of websites.

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This kind of tactics was something best in the past. However, after the release of Google update known as “Hummingbird”, Google started focusing more on the semantic and context-based issues.

Do the Relevance and the context leads to quality?

One of the best ways to describe the word “quality” in terms of the search engine is by determining the context and also the relevance of the content.

In the past, use of right keywords at a right place was considered as a simple approach but now we have moved a level up by taking a more holistic approach.

In this approach, targeting the single keyword or a group of keywords isn’t enough to be effective in the modern environment.

Google has found ways to search which means that Google is looking for more relevant terms that speak about the relevance of the content and also overall value.

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This kind of “semantically comprehensive technique” acts as a signal that the page is relevant to the query to the users.

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This makes website owners to create more standard content which is natural and also of high quality. Also, these websites need to create more content to maintain the competitiveness in the search engine.

This doesn’t mean that you need to write long content. You also need to focus on the legibility and use of keyword and make your content as natural as possible. Read this article to get more knowledge on content marketing.