The oldest way to build quality inbound links for your website is directory submission. Submitting your website to online directories helps to get your website indexed easily by search engines and starts ranking high in the search results.

To get the inbound link for your website, you need submit your business information such as name, address, phone number, business registration number, hours of operation, description, images and social media links to the web directories.

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Most of the online business directories offer free business listing but some business directories may charge a nominal registration fee to enlist your business. It is not worthy to submit your business to 2-3 directories and the wait for your website to rank high. You have to submit your business to at least fifty to hundred website to rank well.

It does not appears an easy task to submit such detailed information to every business directory. To save time from such a labor-intensive task, you can use automatic directory submission tool.

directory submission

Automatic directory submission tools can significantly save your time and efforts. Here is the list of things directory submission tools can do for you:

  • Submit complete information of your business to multiple web directories
  • Automatic captcha completion
  • Automatic email confirmation
  • Free customer support
  • Keep the record of already submitted website
  • Allows to edit, add and remove the web directories list

Directory submission tools are most efficient way to enlist your business in web directories. If you want to submit your business manually, visit this website

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However, some heavily moderated directories may not allow automatic directory submission tools to fill the entire information of your business. In such cases, you can manually submit details of your business. You can browse this website to know more about the automated directory submission tools.